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We breathe life into your museum! Architecture meets latest technology.

Where finest mechanical processes meet massive platform structures and where the two have to be combined and work together in automated processes is where Larcher feels at home.

Thanks to decades of experience in the development of machines for publicly accessible premises, Larcher is able to meet all types of requirements for flexibility as well as lowering or lifting technology and thus amaze visitors.

Safety is a huge priority with Larcher. Any use in public areas is rigorously controlled and implemented in accordance with the applicable standards and norms.

Be it automated display cabinets that are automatically lowered into the basement for anti-theft purposes after closing time, automated rotary showcases that have to be movable for redecoration or simply visually stunning floating platforms which simultaneously function as tables, skylights and standing tables – anything is possible.

All our systems can be supplied ready for use. Controls are adapted to the location and surrounding installation.

Surprise your customers and visitors with remarkable and stunning solutions for your publicly accessible areas!

Projects Dorfhaus St. Martin – Modern House
Benetton Hall – San Teonisto
Vatican City – mobile stage for the Pope
Sarnthein Sportshall
newSTage – Guinness Record
Roche – Auditorium – Basel
FMG Iris – Moscow
Bucharest Evreiesc Teatre
Automuzeum Skôda – Mlada Boleslav
Auditorium Maciachini Milano
Meran Merano Kurhaus
GiDi M.A.S.T. – Bologna
Fifa Museum – Zürich
Schloss Tirol Landesmuseum – Dorf Tirol
Università degli Studi Milano
THUN – Truss structure entrance hall
Electricity Hall – Flying stage
Goldsmith – disappearing vitrines
CZ Audi-Bar Ski Resort – mobile terrace
Vatican City – Roof cover
St. Johann – Multifunctional Sports Hall
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