Multipurpose solutions for flexible applications, acoustic optimizations and more safety

Multipurpose and technical solutions for a variety of applications in different locations are what Larcher puts first. 70 years of experience in different fields of technology make it possible for Larcher to provide the optimal solution for your space requirements and ideas for technical room design.

Special lifting techniques, compact winch systems, lighting solutions, turntables and a variety of other technical solutions allow you to optimally and safely adapt your room to any event at the push of a button.

Larcher does not only offer visuals and function, it also provides top-notch acoustics solutions. Completely automated side panels supply perfect room acoustics for any event – adjustable at the touch of a button. Automated ceiling sails spread the soundwaves evenly across the room. All positions can be saved as presets for a room and different setups can thus easily be reused in case of need.

Save time for a fast and above all safe room transformation event after event.


We make room!

Not just your stage, rotating stage and speaker’s desk can be retracted completely. We can make entire viewer stands and blocks of telescope stands disappear safely and in a simple way.

Use the available space as versatilely as possible. We are happy to assist you in choosing high quality seats.

Platforms and revolving stages (SKODA Automuzeum Auditorium CZ)

Projects Dorfhaus St. Martin – Modern House
Benetton Hall – San Teonisto
Vatican City – mobile stage for the Pope
newSTage – Guinness Record
Roche – Auditorium – Basel
Unipol Group – Headquarter Bologna
Pergine Teatro
FMG Iris – Moscow
Aula Magna Eppan
Bucharest Evreiesc Teatre
Theater Cristallo Bozen
Feldthurns Centrum
Automuzeum Skôda – Mlada Boleslav
Auditorium Maciachini Milano
Meran Merano Kurhaus
GiDi M.A.S.T. – Bologna
Fifa Museum – Zürich
Corvara Theater
Aquaprad Theater
Algeria Constantine Zenith
La Villa – Theater
Auer – Ora – Auditorium – Theater
Forum Brixen
Università degli Studi Milano
THUN – Truss structure entrance hall
Sterzing Vipiteno Theater
Bruneck Ursulinen
Electricity Hall – Flying stage
Meran City Theater
KIMM Merano Theater
Bruneck – School – Theater
Moena Navalge Theater
Curtinie – Multifunctional Sports Hall
St. Johann – Multifunctional Sports Hall
Selva Gardena – Sport&Event Hall
Current projects Roche - Auditorium - Basel
Bennetton - San Teonisto
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