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Johann Larcher founded the Larcher company in 1945; it is now in its third generation. Larcher started out as a small locksmith’s shop, but the company quickly gained a foothold in ropeway construction and was able to gain valuable experience in the field of conveyor systems. For decades, Larcher built a wide range of lifts in cooperation with Doppelmayr. In the early 1970s, Alfred Larcher changed the direction of the company in a way that would prove very important for the future: Larcher began building fixed and mobile-platform stages for theatres. Due to the large backlog of orders for fixed stages, the mobile platform division came to a standstill in the 1990s and found its footing again only when the company built a revolutionary multi-purpose platform for Pope Benedict and the Vatican State.

Expertise & Experience

Our decades of experience in a very wide range of areas makes it possible for us to respond to the requests of each and every customer. We will find the best solution for you. Flexibility, commitment, quality, and safety are our top priorities. We accelerate our planning and development processes with the help of the latest 2D and 3D programmes, which also helps anticipate errors – and eliminate them.


Larcher is a one-stop-shop

From initial consultation and planning to processing, manufacturing and installation, and from inspection to ongoing maintenance: we are happy to serve you. Our in-house expert in mechanical engineering and stage construction is at your disposal, providing whatever advice you need. We also work in close cooperation with various engineering companies so that we can also take on structurally complex challenges.

Extended Product Support

We are always happy to support you with our expertise, attention to detail, and knowledge about the most up-to-date EU Machinery Directives—even after the installation is complete. Our technicians are always available: help can be deployed when necessary for any reason and even at short notice.


Security, flexibility and elegance: our stages are in a class of their own

Our main focus right from the start is on the greatest degree of flexibility possible and the broadest range of applications—without sacrificing safety. We have finally reached our goal: to have an elegant, simple stage with optimal ease of use and maximum versatility.

A stage like no other that will make any square shine in a new light

The result: a freely overhanging roof on only two central pillars with integrated plug-in system, adequate lighting for orchestral purposes, acoustically optimal roof cladding, a pre-integrated truss, and overhanging roofs for weather protection. Amazingly, it only takes one person to set up the entire stage. All the operator has to do is press a button and the stage can be easily and automatically adjusted to fit the conditions of the site. After the side elements, which are controlled by a wireless touch-screen, have been opened and moved into position, the roof can be fitted with lights, speakers, power cables, backdrops and other equipment. The roof, fully fitted out, can then be raised and moved to the desired position – simply by pressing a button. The stage is now set.

71 years family business award (2017)

Larcher Kurt, Alfred, Alex


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